DAS - Institut wins federal main prize in AI

Our society is concerned with a sharp rise in occupational illnesses. With the help of artificial intelligence, a digital assistant is to be developed that algorithmically identifies potential danger at work and suggests preventive measures. This method has been awarded the main prize in a national competition. Please find additional information in the attached document. 

The ML and AI curriculum is established! Now also online!

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are on everyone's lips. It is our mission to convey the basic concepts and notions to everyone interested in the subject. For this reason, we have developed a curriculum that includes different course variants. Currently available are

  • On-site courses for educational institutions and companies from 2 days to 5 days. The modules are agreed upon individually.
  • Online courses with freely selectable modules of 90 minutes each.
  • Self-study materials for educational institutions and companies.
  • A 5-day certificate course together with one of our partners and a final university certificate.
  • We will gladly accept inquiries via the contact form and provide you with further information.

Empirical studies on chatbots in customer service and for employee and management self services conducted

Chatbots in customer service are being discussed intensively. The goal is to support customers more quickly with their problems while simultaneously increasing efficiency for the company offering the service. In two empirical studies, we took a closer look at the target group of digitally experienced people and experimentally investigated the user acceptance of chatbots at the customer interface for service as well as in the context of employee and management self-services. Among other things, the results show a high willingness to accept chatbots in principle, which is, however, considerably reduced by the users' security concerns.  

The results of these studies (triple blinded review process) can be found here:

Chatbots at the Customer Interface, please click here, pages 84-94.

Chatbots for Self Services Applications, please click here, pages 18-28.

Digital assistant for pain therapy

A mobile application for pain therapy in a medical environment was developed. Particular attention was paid to the requirements of data protection and data sovereignty, especially from an architectural point of view.

The results of this work were published scientifically. The publication was accepted in a triple blinded peer review process. 

Please click here, pages 192-198.

The IoT suitcase is successfully in use!

The IoT (Internet of Things) suitcase has been specially created to prototype or test application solutions quickly and inexpensively using microcomputers, sensors and actuators. The suitcases contain various components and are assembled according to the "Plug&Play" principle. Our institute produces and sells these cases at cost price in a wide variety of designs.  Various universities are already successfully using this suitcase from our institute!

The following projects have recently been successfully completed:

  • Construction of a universal unit for location determination (GPS-based) for everyday objects
  • Muon detector for the detection of cosmic radiation
  • Monitoring of cattle grazing fences
  • Automated hazard detection while driving with eScooters